Current Titles

Mr Callaghan & The Asylum Seeker is the author's latest publication. Set mainly in Australia the story also features an offshore island in the remote south of New Zealand and parts of Japan. This novel within a novel was inspired by actual events.

Republished by popular request, Hayes Over New Zealand, a rollicking recollection of TV documentary film-making in 1970s New Zealand, is an entertaining trip down memory lane.

A compelling and endearing coming of age tale, One Child's War is set against the backdrop of England at war with Germany and inspired by actual childhood experiences.

Master Control is Hayes' first work of fiction, a satirical social commentary, unlike anything you've ever read before.

Good news for all those readers of One Child’s War who were touched and thrilled by the experiences and adventures of Stevie Riley. The author is currently continuing Stevie’s fascinating story, through teenage to adulthood. Watch this space for the publication date of Stevie Versus The World.

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