About the Author

Now an Australian citizen, Hugh Hanafi Hayes was born in London, England and after two years of undistinguished service in the RAF, he developed what is sometimes called an inconsistent work record.

Starting off as a printer’s proofreader, in turn he became an actor, a barman, a manuscript editor, a radio announcer and news reader, a reporter for radio and television. But then he stopped messing about and became a documentary filmmaker and TV current affairs producer.

In Australia he worked at ABC and SBS television and in the UK with Channel 4 and ITV television. While on WTN’s Roving Report team Hayes won a New York Festivals award and a commendation at the Ed Murrow Journalism Awards, Chicago for script writing. He also earned a New Zealand TV ‘Best Series’ award for writing, directing and producing the documentary series – One Man’s View.

Hayes wrote a feature column, Hayes over America, for the Auckland Star, articles for The Listener and has lectured at the Australian Film & Television School.  His book “Hayes over New Zealand” was published by Methuen NZ some years ago.

Finally recovering from twelve years of the debilitating and mysterious disease ME, or Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hugh Hanafi Hayes now concentrates on writing books.

He is married to a Canadian-born artist and they have six children

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