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Master Control

This is a true hybrid. A satirical, social commentary driven by a sci-fi and spiritual theme, devoid of violence and proposing an unorthodox view on sex. The novel’s motivation is the conviction that we are all guided or misguided, led or misled, by a power beyond our intellectual comprehension.

Excerpt from Chapter 1   
  The light was flashing insistently. Master Control was empty. Well, apparently so. But suddenly a white flare darted across the space, momentarily illuminating a massive bank of monitors, each with its own light, glowing in the darkness.  It was a space without doors, without walls, without any suggestion of size. Pure space.  Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a presence manifested into a shape. An indeterminate shape. Immediately it was at the board, pressing a button below the flashing light.
  “I need some help.”
   It was a male voice and the words were scrambled, re-assembled and received in the control room simultaneously in hundreds of different languages, dialects and communication sounds.  As more lights started flashing, the shape spoke to the enquirer in the appropriate language.
   “Could you hold the line please? Your call is important to us.”
   He pressed a button marked celestial music.  Then he passed along the lines of monitors, pressing and repeating his message and tuning everyone in to the soothing sounds.  A minute later, he had returned to his original call.
   “How can I help you?”
   “Is that Bapak?”
   “Nope, again…”
   “…er… actually, I was hoping to speak to the Almighty… through a Messenger of course.”
   “The Almighty. Well, you know, one of  His Messengers, really, perhaps Bapak?… you see, I’ve been a diligent devotee of the spiritual way through the latihan for many, many years and tried always to follow His guidance, well nearly always.”
   The voice was now supplemented by a face on the monitor.
   “He’s busy. So are Ibrohim or Abraham, whatever your faith, er… Adam and, well… look,  all the Messengers are in a meeting. In fact, we’re pretty well flat out just now up here, but I can take a message. I am Calisthene, by the way, I’m an Intergalactic Helper. I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?”
  “Well, no, not really I did try to get in touch before about the unsatisfactory results I’ve been getting from testing… even with others, but I didn’t make it. I didn’t get to ask my question. So this is me again and it seems that I’ve got through, and I really do have something I must resolve and I’m not at all clear what course I should pursue… I…”

© Hugh Hanafi Hayes 2013